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I love to experiment and tonight I made absinthe flavored and infused cheesecake and it is yummy!!!!! It's green and everything. Not too heavy on the licorice flavore either. I'm willing to share the recipie for points. LOL. Just message me and we can work something out.
I have reading assignments, quizes, and two witting assignments to get started on and I have not been motivated to do any of it. Grr! I am a last minute type of a person but God this is rediculous!!!! Some one Please kick my ass in gear!!! I would hold you responsible. LOL.
  • Listening to: room of angel akira yamaoka
  • Reading: Can't get motivated
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Hey there, Nothing new is happening here. Boring. I have no money to get art suplies and I need to get my work put together in a digital portfolio soon. Classes are starting soon. Need money.
Drawgasmic Art Exhibition - The Art, Illustration, and Design Compendium

"We're bringing together the work of 1000 international artists, illustrators, and designers in an exhibition and book unlike anything ever created before! We're showing off the edgy creative talent that is tipping the institutionalized art world on its head! You'll be gasping in wonder as you view piece after piece of the best independent art around!"

I will be one of those artists being selected. To learn more clink on the link.
There will be an arts and wellness show coming up in April. The dates will be April 9, 10, and 11. Times for this art show are to be announced. I will be there to show my work and to do a demonstration of my make-up art. I also plane on doing a few other works there but not as demos as photo shoots. If any one needs more information let me know and I'll give the link of the hostess of the show. It will be held in Brazil, IN.

Visit this link for more info. It has been up dated and improved.…
There are a few things going on this year over here in Indiana. There will be an artshow in April and some time in May and I'm hope to have a few more durring the fall and winter seasons. I will be doing demonstrations for my SFX make up art during some of these shows. I am also hopping to get into photograph and to be able to take semi-pro pictures of my SFX work. I'll be posting more as I learn more about the dates.
Hello every one. I'd just like to inform anyone interested that there an art and wellness show will be held in Brazil, indiana November 20, 21, and 22. For anyone interested go to;… for more info. A lot of my work will be featured there and I will also be doing a few demonstrations. Hope to see some of you there.